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It is our endeavor to mold our students to be compassionate progressive and professionally successful human beings responsive to global culture and heritage, in an environment of sharing and caring. We believe that every child has a talent, which if fostered in a conducive environment, will enhance his / her overall development. We Strive to provide a lively, warm and purposeful atmosphere for pursuit excellence.


To prepare students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and thus make the world a better and more just. To ensure that our students develop the skills that provide the competencies essential for a successful leadership in the emerging, creative, complex and vibrant society. To lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables students to better understand world environment and improve conditions conducive for the local and global communities.


Our voice we join in the praise
Of what we proudly own
Seeking God’s Grace
That we may grow and learn
Mentors who mould
Form, guide and hold
To our goal we’ll be true

Fully Alive, Fully Human
Shine like the stars in the sky
Knowledge and wisdom
Values to guide
God Bless our school. St. James

Fostering hope and true joy
In moments dark and bright
With love and brotherhood
In unity we strive
Proving our worth
Make dreams come true
With the vision we hold

Fully Alive, Fully Human
Shine like the stars in the sky
Knowledge and wisdom
Values to guide
God Bless our school, St. James
God Bless our school, St. James


The stylish letters netted and placed in between the motto “FULLY ALIVE AND FULLY HUMAN” denotes SJA (St.James Academy).
The students (both boys and girls) with joy and enthusiasm entrusted to SJA are being chiselled in the context of the dynamic global climate through value based human education enable them to shine like stars even at the adverse moments in lives and be crowned with dignity in order to be fully alive and fully human radiating the divinity in them to promote and safeguard the world order.